NamPower™ High-Performance Abrasive Brushes

NamPower™ brush tools from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) are your complete choice for deburring, surface finishing, parts cleaning, and edge radiusing.

NamPower™ products are effective, reliable brushing tools that deliver a total finishing solution to a range of industries and applications. These high-performance professional grade brushes are made of the highest-quality materials and are ideal for manual and automated finishing machinery. For a complete deburring and finishing solution, choose NamPower™ abrasive disc brushes, composite wheels, or hex drive brushes.

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), makers of the Flex-Hone® and pioneers of plateau finishing, recommends NamPower™ brush products for extrusion, fine blanking, appliance manufacturing, and automotive parts.

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NamPower™ from Brush Research Manufacturing

  • Abrasive Disc Brushes

    Abrasive Disc Brushes

    NamPower™ abrasive disc brushes are available in two styles: dot and turbine. Dot style brushes are perfect for light deburring and edge blending. Turbine style brushes are ideal for medium and heavy deburring.

  • Composite Hub Wheel Brushes

    Composite Hub Wheel Brushes

    Composite hub wheel brushes provide a safe, dependable alternative to wire wheels and non-woven abrasive brushes. Built with indestructible cores, their higher filament density provides longer life.

  • Abrasive Hex-Drive Tools

    Abrasive Hex-Drive Tools

    Abrasive hex-drive tools turn in both directions for 360° surface finishing. Designed for semi-automatic and fully automatic machinery, these versatile industrial brushes are easy to manipulate.

  • NamPower™ Accessories

    NamPower™ Accessories

    NamPower™ brush holders are dependable, reusable tools that provide excellent coolant dispersion.

  • Deburring and Surface Finishing

    Deburring and Surface Finishing

    NamPower™ abrasive brush tools combine maximum burr removal rates with optimum surface finishing. Decrease costs by combining the removal of metal burrs with high-quality metal finishing.

  • Edge Radiusing

    Edge Radiusing

    Eliminate stress risers that increase the likelihood a fatigue crack will start and spread across a machined part. Improve performance by producing smooth, radiused-edge transitions.

  • Parts Cleaning

    Parts Cleaning

    NamPower™ brushes clean parts with consistent results. Their flexible abrasive nylon filaments are great for cleaning gaskets, welds and pre-cast concrete molds.

  • Surface Preparation

    Surface Preparation

    NamPower™ brushes also remove silicon glue, paper gaskets, and flash from rubber and plastic. Use these dependable disc brushes for spot finishing, surface improvement, and finishing prior to painting or plating.

  • Automated Finishing

    Automated Finishing

    NamPower™ brushing tools integrate easily with automated machinery, CNC machining centers, transfer lines, and robotic cells. Use them with your factory's vertical (VMC) and horizontal (HMC) machining centers, or flexible machining cells (FMC).

  • Appliance Manufacturing

    Appliance Manufacturing

    NamPower™ professional grade brushes provide appliance manufacturers with the quality, versatility, and performance they need to clean, deburr, and refinish appliance parts.

  • Automotive Parts

    Automotive Parts

    NamPower™ brushing tools are designed for the deburring, cleaning, surface preparation, and resurfacing automotive parts, turbine blades, gears and carbide inserts.

    NamPower™ professional grade brushes provide appliance manufacturers with the quality, versatility, and performance they need to clean, deburr, and refinish appliance parts.

  • Closer Part Contours

    Closer Part Contours

    The abrasive nylon filaments on NamPower™ brushes conform to part contours, wiping and filing across part edge and surfaces. Tough but flexible, these high-quality filaments are also moisture and chemical resistant.

  • More Consistent Deburring

    More Consistent Deburring

    The linear construction of BRM's brushing tools means that sharp, new abrasive rains constantly come into contact with the work surface, exposing fresh cutting particles. This provides consistent deburring action throughout the length of the bristles.

  • Greater Stability, Less Vibration

    Greater Stability, Less Vibration

    The abrasive disc brushes are manufactured with a molded thermoplastic base that provides greater rigidity and stability with less vibration. The result is a better balanced tool that provides improved tool performance and longer tool life.

  • Reduced Heat Generation

    Reduced Heat Generation

    NamPower™ tool holders for the abrasive disc brushes allow coolant to flow from the brush center instead of supplying lubricant only from the outside. This lets the brush cut at greater depths and reduces heat generation dramatically.

The NamPower Advantage

  • Deburring and surface finishing - at the same time
  • Edge radiusing
  • Parts cleaning
  • Rust removal
  • Cleans welds and pre-cast concrete molds
  • Removes silicon glue, paper gaskets and flash from rubber and plastic
  • Metal finishing prior to paining and plating