Diamond Flex-Hone® Technology for Finishing Hard Materials

Diamond Flex-Hone® tools from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) are designed for deburring, edge blending, and surfacing finishing hard materials such as aerospace alloys, carbide and hardened tool steel.

Diamond Flex-Hone® technology is precision-engineered for rapid cut-rates, excellent heat dissipation, and optimal finish. Made with resin-bonded diamond crystals, this flexible honing tool is self-sharpening with a nickel-coated abrasive for excellent crystal retention and heat dissipation. Designed for use with any type of cylinder in standard sizes from 4-mm to 1-1/2". The Diamond Flex-Hone® is available in three different mesh sizes.

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), makers of industrial brushes and honing tools and pioneers of plateau finishing, designed the Diamond Flex-Hone® for finishing hard materials. Use the Diamond Flex-Hone® with base materials such as heat treated steel, high nickel stainless steels, MMX aluminum alloys, titanium, space age alloys and chromed and plated metals. This flexible finishing tool from Brush Research can also be used for finishing carbide and ceramic materials.

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Exciting Features of Our Package

  • In Stock

    In Stock

    Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) regularly stocks the Diamond Flex-Hone® tool in metric and inch sizes from 4mm to 1-1/2". Remember to order products by bore size.

  • Special Order

    Special Order

    Contact Brush Research Manufacturing to discuss your application requirements, and to order diamond tools by bore sizes.

  • Abrasive


    BRM's diamond honing tools are made with nickel-coated abrasive for greater heat dissipation and better bond retention. Resin-bonded diamond crystals provide high friability, which creates self-sharpening edges, too.

  • Mesh Sizes

    Mesh Sizes

    The Diamond Flex-Hone® is available in three mesh sizes: 170/200, 800 and 2500. To determine which mesh size to select, consider the starting surface condition and the required surface finish.

  • Deburring


    BRM's Diamond Flex-Hone® removes ridges of cut, torn, jagged, or folded metal that can cause part misalignments, affect dimensional tolerances, and limit the overall efficiency of machined components. Improve reliability and reduce the time spent on burr removal operations.

  • Edge Blending

    Edge Blending

    BRM's diamond hones blend edges and eliminate stress risers that can reduce fatigue strength. Protect the quality of machined parts by producing smooth, radiused-edge transitions.

  • Surface Finishing

    Surface Finishing

    The Diamond Flex-Hone® is a low-temperature, abrading process that will remove mill and heat treat scale to expose the undisturbed base metal structure and produce a long-wearing surface. The tool also improves oil retention by creating a non-directional or cross-hatched pattern with valleys between the plateaus.

  • Improved Hole Quality

    Improved Hole Quality

    The Diamond Flex-Hone® removes micro-burrs left from drilling, reaming, and countersinking operations. Avoid improperly machined holes that can cause stress corrosion cracks and damage the structure of the metal.

  • Aerospace


    The aerospace industry uses the Diamond Flex-Hone® to deburr, edge blend, and surface finish aircraft structures, helicopter rotor drive shafts, hydraulic control mechanisms, hydraulic swivel components, and other aerospace parts.

  • Defense


    The military aircraft maintenance requires the use of the Diamond Flex-Hone from Brush Research to machine high-quality holes and avoid the loss of strength and temper in martensite, titanium alloys, and aluminum alloys.

  • Medical


    The medical industry uses BRM's Diamond Flex-Hone® to finish medical parts that must the highest standards for quality and safety.

  • Bores, Bushings, Cylinders, and Wear Parts

    Bores, Bushings, Cylinders, and Wear Parts

    Many manufacturers use flexible diamond hones from Brush Research to finish chromed and plated bores, guide and drill bushings, ceramic cylinders, electrical discharge machining (EDM) layers, and carbide wear parts.

  • Solve Difficult Finishing Problems

    Solve Difficult Finishing Problems

    The Diamond Flex-Hone® from Brush Research Manufacturing can solve even the most difficult finishing problems. When a manufacturer of carbide wear rings needed to create a near-mirror surface finish, the Diamond Flex-Hone® was used in progressively finer grits.

  • Consistent Burr Removal and Radius

    Consistent Burr Removal and Radius

    The design of BRM's flexible hones means that sharp, new abrasive rains constantly come into contact with the work surface, exposing fresh cutting particles. This provides consistent burr removal without producing an excessive radius.

  • Closer Part Contours

    Closer Part Contours

    Flexible finishing tools conform to part contours in even the most demanding applications. For metal surfaces free of mill scale, even on the inside of helicopter rotor drive shafts, the Diamond Flex-Hone® delivers precise, consistent results.

  • Quality and Reliability

    Quality and Reliability

    The Diamond Flex-Hone® refines the surface finish of holes and removes micro-burrs that can cause stress corrosion cracks.

The Diamond Flex-Hone® Advantage

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