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Flex-Hone® Instructions

The Flex-Hone® is used for surface finishing and cross-hole deburring. This unique abrasive tool has a wide variety of applications in the automotive, marine, aerospace, firearms, oil and gas, fluid power and general industrial fields. The Flex-Hone is an excellent solution for cylinder deglazing and producing the perfect finish for instant ring seating. The tool is available in diameters from 4mm (.157") to 36" (914mm).

Available in Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia Alumina, Boron Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Levigated Alumina and Diamond. Grain sizes of 20 grit to 800 grit are available in most abrasive types.

Flex-Hone® tool Instructions:
  • The Flex-Hone REQUIRES the use of a lubricant. Always generously lubricate prior to use with10-30 weight motor oil or BRM's custom Flex-Hone Oil. Hydraulic brake fluid may be used when honing hydraulic brake cylinders.
  • Using a drill, lathe, milling machine or CNC equipment, rotate the tool prior to entry. The tool will be oversized for the cylinder bore you are working with. Recommended RPM range 500 to 1200 RPM
  • The Flex-Hone is a low RPM tool. Do not use air tools or high speed motors.
  • Stroke 60-120 strokes per minute. Accelerate final stroking to develop a 45° cross-hatch angle.
  • Only use the Flex-Hone for approximately 20-45 seconds per cylinder. Do not over hone. Too much honing can result in the removal of material.
  • Do not use solvents when operating the Flex-Hone.
  • Thoroughly clean the cylinders after honing with a soft nylon brush using warm water and detergent. Oil the cylinder after cleaning to prevent corrosion
For Cross Hole Deburring Applications- Rotating the tool clock wise for several strokes and then counter clock wise will quickly and efficiently achieve a symmetrical deburring pattern.

Would you like to see the Flex-Hone in action?
Please check out our Flex-Hone How to Video for additional information

For more detailed information on abrasive and grit selections, operating RPMs, potential applications and much more, please download a copy of our Flex-Hone Resource Guide located in the literature section of our website.

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