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Custom Brush Tools

Brush Research, a leading brush manufacturer, is happy to provide our customers with the highest quality brush tools on the market.

With our many years of experience as brush manufacturers, we know that sometimes your application calls for brush tools with specific requirements and that is why we offer custom industrial brushes and brush tools. Our brush tools include the original Flex-Hone® tool, strip brushes, twisted in wire brushes and more. To let us create custom brush tools for your application, select a category below and complete our quote form.

Custom Flex-Hones®

Custom Flex-Hones®
Special sizes for OAL, brush part,
and globules,Special minimum and
maximum diameters


Custom Twisted-in-Wire

Strip Brushes

Custom Strip Brushes

Radial Coil Brushes

Custom Radial Brushes

Spiral Wound Brushes

Custom Spiral Wound Brush

Featured Products

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