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Industrial Brushes

Brush Research is your premier source for all of your industrial brush needs. We offer Flex-Hone® tools, power brushes, wire brushes and much more to help solve your deburring and surface finishing problems. All of our brushes and tools are high quality, durable and come in a variety of abrasive types, grits and sizes. Industrial brushes are cutting or cleaning tools. Commonly used in metalworking settings, wire brushes are used for heavy- duty cleaning, surface finishing, deburring, surface prep, rust and corrosion removal, weld removal, slug and scale remove etc. With industrial brushes, each filament in itself is a cutting tool. Browse our selection of Flex-Hone® tools, power brushes and wire brushes and place your order online today.

  • The Flex-Hone Tool The Flex-Hone® tool
    A resilient, flexible abrasive tool with a soft cutting action.

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    Standard Flex-Hone tools in sizes 4mm-36"
    Flex-Hone® for Rotors
  • Power Brushes Power Brushes
    Cutting tools that use the tips of thousands of filaments to produce the desired effect.

    Wheel, end, cup, mandrel mounted
    Large variety of sizes and fillamentsof power brushes
  • Twisted-in-Wire Brushes Twisted-in-Wire Brushes
    Helping cut costs and increase productivity by deburring, edge blending, cleaning and finishing.
    In sizes as small as .024"
    Wire brushes available in stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, nylon, abrasive nylon
  • Custom Brushes Custom Brushes
    Can be made to your exact specifications to be the perfect solution for your application.
    Custom Flex-Hones
    Custom twisted-in-wire, radial, power and strip brushes
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