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Flex-Hone® Tool for Firearms Maintenance

For many years, the Flex-Hone® tool has been used for industrial and automotive applications, but these days, the capabilities of this honing tool have expanded to include a range of firearm applications. Many gun manufacturers, gunsmiths and hobbyists use the Flex-Hone tool to produce a plateau surface finish in any type or size chamber, cylinder, forcing cone, magazine tube, slide or smooth bore barrel to keep their guns in top shape and working effectively.

Improve firearm performance by using BRM's Specialty Flex-Hone for Firearms tool:
How the Flex-Hone® for Firearms Works
The Flex-Hone tool uses a low-temperature, low pressure abrading process that exposes the undisturbed base metal structure to produce a long wearing surface. This method produces a surface that is free of fragmented, amorphous or smeared metal, pitting and oxidation. An optimal surface finish is achieved with minimal stock removal to ensure that the bores of the firearm maintain precise dimensions.

Prior to using any gun cleaning brushes or the Flex-Hone tool, always make sure that the magazine and chamber are empty. To use this honing tool, disassemble your firearm and secure the Flex-Hone into the chuck of a lathe, drill press or hand drill. This honing tool works best with a good quality honing oil, like our Flex-Hone Oil, to keep heat to a minimum, prevent the tool from loading and to suspend the abrasive material.

To work efficiently, Flex-Hone tools must be rotated prior to entry and continuously rotated and stroked at a smooth constant speed until the tool is completely removed from the part. Next, clean the cylinder with a CLP type cleaner and brush the cylinder wall with a cleaning brush. Dry the cylinder with a lint-free cloth coated with a light oil or mineral spirits and continue until the cloth remains clean. Finally, lightly oil the surface after cleaning in order to preserve the finish produced.

The Flex-Hone® for Firearms versus Gun Cleaning Brushes
The Flex-Hone tool is designed to be used for periodic maintenance and is not meant to replace a gun cleaning brush.   Used correctly, the Flex-Hone for Firearms products provide many benefits for your firearms. For cylinders and chambers, you’ll notice that emptying and reloading your firearm will be smoother and easier after using the honing tool in the cylinders and chambers. In addition, you’ll be able to reload spent brass more often with a lot less scaring and damage to the cartridge.

Using a Flex-Hone for Firearms will smooth out the barrel bore of your shotgun, helping you quickly and safely remove any damage from oxidation or corrosion. In addition, scratches will be blended out and nicks that cause plastic adhesion will be removed. The smooth finish produced will prevent plastic from building up as quickly.

Traditional bore polishing methods could take hours to produce the surface finish necessary for your firearm.  The Flex-Hone for Firearms products produce a more consistent finish in a fraction of the time and you’ll notice less fouling the next time you clean your shotgun’s barrel after shooting. Your weapon will not only be free of microscopic imperfections, but you will be able to see the difference with a smooth finish.

You can read more about using the Flex-Hone in firearms applications by downloading our Flex-Hone Tools for Firearms brochure. Contact a distributor near you today and take the first step toward maintaining the integrity of your firearms.

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