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Brass Instruments

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) provides Flex-Hone® tools and industrial abrasive brushes for the manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of brass musical instruments. With its cylindrical shape and self-centering design, the Flex-Hone® is used to clean, finish, and polish tubas, trumpets, trombones, flutes, French horns, and other brass instruments with metal valves or slides. Abrasive nylon brushes from BRM are perfect for cleaning and deburring threads.

Musical instruments that are made from soft brass have excellent acoustic properties, but are easily dented. To avoid embedding internal tube debris that could prevent the proper operation of a valve or slide, musical instrument repair services use the Flex-Hone® to first remove lime, scale, and corrosion. During honing, they use Flex-Hone® oil to treat brass surfaces. Finally, a brush with warm soapy water is used to remove the oil from the inside of the tube.

Flex-Hone® Applications
  • Removing lime, scale and corrosion
  • Smoothing brass surfaces
  • Honing brass tubes
  • Cleaning and polishing internal joints and seams
Industrial Brush Applications
Abrasive Nylon Brushes
  • Cleaning and deburring threads
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