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Fluid Power

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) provides flexible honing tools and industrial abrasive brushes to pump manufacturers and makers of hydraulic cylinders. When small burrs in aluminum sleeves required costly and time-consuming manual deburring, a manufacturer of pneumatic-driven liquid pumps chose Flex-Hone® tool to speed operations and improve surface quality. After the metal sleeves are machined and drilled, the Flex-Hone® is mounted in a standard drill chuck and used to remove miniature burrs that could damage the liquid pump's O-rings.

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers use the Flex-Hone® from Brush Research to create a plateau surface finish for optimum lubrication. By eliminating surface irregularities and smoothing peaks and valleys, the Flex-Hone reduces oil consumption and supports the anti-wear performance of hydraulic oils. With its soft cutting action and low-temperature abrading process, this unique product is also used with metal hydraulic motor bodies. BRM's abrasive nylon brushes choices are the smart choice for cleaning and deburring machined threads.

Flex-Hone® Applications
  • Aluminum sleeves for pneumatic-driven liquid pumps
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic motor bodies
Industrial Brush Applications
Abrasive Nylon Brushes
  • Cleaning and deburring threads
  • Surface improvement of fluid power components
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