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General Industrial

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) supplies industrial component and equipment manufacturers with a full line of abrasive finishing tools and industrial abrasive brushes. The leading choice for in-line surface finishing and deburring, the Flex-Hone® can be used either during machine tool applications (on-line) or as a secondary operation (off-line). BRM's revolutionary Diamond Flex-Hone® is ideal for finishing chromed and plated bores, guide and drill bushings, ceramic cylinders, electrical discharge machining (EDM) layers, and carbide wear parts.

The Flex-Hone® is recommended for general industrial applications that require surface finishing, deburring, and edge blending of metal parts. BRM also provides industrial abrasive brushes such as crimped wire wheels, knotted wire wheels, and knotted wire cups for cleaning, surface preparation, polishing, and roughening. Brush holders and drive arbors for NamPower abrasive brushes can be used in automated finishing machinery such as CNC machining centers, transfer lines, and robotic cells.

Flex-Hone® Applications
Compressed Air and Pneumatic Systems
  • Air compressors
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Compressed air tool bodies
Boiler Parts and Stainless Tubes
  • Surface finishing of boiler components
  • Finishing the ends of stainless steel tubing
Hydraulic Equipment and Components
  • Hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic ram cylinders
  • Hydraulic valve bodies and valve guides
  • Hydraulic motor bodies
  • Rod seals
Industrial Enclosures
  • Valve housings
  • Pump housings
Surface Prep and Decontamination
  • Surface preparation for adhesion applications
  • Mechanical decontamination of nuclear tube sheets
Industrial Brush Applications
NamPower™ Brush Tools
  • Surface finish improvement
  • Blending surface imperfections and inconsistencies
  • Rust and corrosion removal
  • Removing surface coatings
  • Pre-coating surface preparation and decorative finishes
  • Full automation machining center capability
  • Gasket cleaning and removal
  • Pre-cast concrete mold cleaning
  • Tool mark blending and component parts deburring after machining or grinding
Crimped Wire Wheels
  • Paint removal
  • Tube end deburring
  • Mill scale removal
  • Thread cleaning
  • Removing excess molded rubber (flashing)
  • Decorative finishes
Knotted Wire Wheels and Knotted Wire Cups
  • Surface preparation for adhesion applications
  • Weld finishing
  • Slag removal
  • Decorative finishes
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