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Military / Defense

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) provides Flex-Hone® tools and industrial abrasive brushes that military installations and defense contractors can depend upon. When stress corrosion cracks from improperly machined holes grounded some of the U.S. Navy's jet fighters, the Naval Aviation Depot at North Island chose the Flex-Hone® tool for machining high-quality holes in aircraft structures. The Flex-Hone® is so reliable that it's also used with fire weapons and aircraft missile systems. For deburring, edge blending and surface finishing hard materials, military mechanics and maintenance crews choose the Diamond Flex-Hone®.

For amateur and professional gunsmiths, the Flex-Hone® tool for firearms delivers the marksmanship-like performance required by sound interior ballistics. That's why the Flex-Hone® for firearms is designed to produce an optimum plateau surface finish in any type or size of cylinder, slide, chamber, magazine tube, or smooth bore barrel. Like the Flex-Hone®, BRM's gun and rifle brushes use a low-temperature, low-pressure abrading process to produce a long-wearing surface. NamPower™ abrasive brushes are recommended for blending tool marks after machining or grinding.

Flex-Hone® Applications
Military Maintenance
  • Machining high-quality holes to avoid loss of strength and temper
  • Deburring, edge blending, and surface finishing of hard materials
  • Fire weapons and aircraft missile systems
  • Firearms barrels, chambers, and forcing cones
  • Paintball barrels
  • Canon barrels
  • Revolver cylinders
Industrial Brush Applications
  • Surface finish improvement
  • Pre-coating surface preparation
  • Precision deburring of component parts after machining or grinding
  • Blending tool marks after machining or grinding
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